The Secret To Great Looking Arms

How many times have you put on a fabulous sleeveless top or dress but were too self conscious about your arms to wear it? We have all been there. Thankfully, there is a solution. Sleevey Wonders! Wear them with any sleeveless top or dress. Expand your wardrobe with these amazing women's under sleeves.


Sleevey Wonders are reversible slip on sleeves that are made to wear under sleeveless tops and strapless dresses as a creative solution for women who don't want to show their bare arms. 


Wear it over like a cardigan, under as sleeves,

snap in the front for a v-neck line,

snap in the back for a rounded neck line,

there are so many possibilities!

Transform your sleeveless clothes into something new an unique. Reversible slip on sleeves are made to beautify your arms and multiply your wardrobe.


With the Bandeau Sleevey Wonder

any sleeveless top or dress becomes

a trendy cold shoulder top.

A variety of styles, fabrics, and colors make mixing and matching a snap. Long sleeved mesh, 3/4 sleeve mesh, 3/4 sleeve lace, and new 3/4 and long sleeve bandeau for a sexy look. You will find a style to perfectly match any of your fabulous fashion choices.

Sleevey Wonders - The Original Slip-on Sleeves! from Sleevey Wonders on Vimeo.


August 04, 2016 by Specialtees Staff

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