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Specialtees Trunk Show! – Thursday December 10th

Featuring Local Artists

Photographer, Lucy Beck


Jewelry Designer, Rebecca Scott


My philosophy, by Lucy Beck

For me, photography is a way to selectively document.  I am drawn to the complex, yet fleeting beauty we see in the curves of a rose petal, the translucence of a poppy flower, the vibrancy of gerbera daisies.

lucy beck An impromptu bouquet

We have those fleeting moments when we see nature in its glorious perfection and then are left with memories.

I like to put those memories on paper; as the flowers fade, these beautiful images live on.

lucy beck BeckLucy_Dido and Aeneus_photography_17 x 23

I have become increasingly conscious that the beauty of nature is often taken for granted, which makes photographing nature in various ways even more pressing.

lucy beck Helen and Paris

My technique is designed to show exquisite detail and translucence.  I want my viewers to feel that they are looking into the soul of the flowers.  Many of my botanical pictures are back lit.  In essence, I combine a number of photographs taken at different exposures, and very carefully paint in what I want to reveal at each exposure.  It is a labor of love.

I hope you enjoy these fine art photographs as much as I’ve enjoyed making them.

Lucy Beck


About Rebecca Scott:

Jewelry Designer and Founder of Jay + Renae

Rebecca Scott began designing and making jewelry when she was six months pregnant. It was what she calls, “the start of a great love affair.”

rebecca scott 31

“One night I was suffering from pregnancy insomnia and all I could think about was a necklace I’ve been meaning to restring. The next day I woke up and drove to the nearest bead shop, bought a bunch of supplies and suddenly, I was making jewelry!”

rebecca scott 5

What began as a hobby has now become the catalyst for pursuing a life long goal. “For me, Jay + Renae is really about women helping other women pursue a life passion and working together to achieve goals. I realized there are a lot of women out there who are looking for an alternative to the traditional work model. We crave flexibility and the opportunity to utilize our creativity. What I hope to achieve with Jay + Renae is to create that opportunity, by laying down a pathway and offering support.”

rebecca scott 1

Creativity has always been a central for Rebecca. Even as a child while growing up in Korea, when there was no paper and pencils to draw with, she often drew in the dirt with a twig broken off a nearby branch. She attributes her enduring creative drive and spirit to those early childhood days. Her affinity to all things style and fashion stems from her years of training as a design and production assistant for a local San Francisco clothing designer. And she accredits her more practical left-brain side of herself to both life experience and formal education at the University of California at Berkeley.

Rebecca is inspired everyday by her son to strive toward her dreams. Jay + Renae brings those dreams and goals to life.

RebeccaAbout copy

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